ICTWays Conference 2014, Istanbul, Turkey

Date: 2014-05-08, 09:00 to 2014-05-10, 13:00

Location: Istanbul, Turkey


The second ICTWays 2014 Conference was held in Istanbul, on 8th and 9th of May, hosted by Ataköy Cumhuriyet Anatolian High School. The event included a conference with partner presentations as well as local invited speakers, on the morning of 8th. ICT Training sessions for Teachers were provided on the afternoon of the 8th of May as well as the morning of the 9th. The following is a statement from Seher Yaldiz, the ACAL representative in the ICTWays Network “As a participant of ICTWays Project ,we, Ataköy Cumhuriyet Anatolian High School, were really proud of hosting the second conference on ICT at school subjects and the ICT training for teachers sessions. The school staff and even the students were quite excited to welcome the participants, which included honorable academics and coleagues. Also the subject of the conference and the teacher training workshops were necessarily important for us. At the conference,the first day, we had presentations from Paula Escudeiro ,from ISEP, the Turkish Invited speaker Ilhan Varank from Yıldız Tecnical University at Istanbul, Mikas Balkevicius from Vilnius College and Sonia Sobral from UPT. Two hundred students and teachers from our school and from neighbours schools attended the conference, and liked the organization and the speakers’ presentations. The ICT Teacher training sessions, Some examples for the application of Information and Communication Technologies at school subjects from Dinçer Dede; The ICTWays Community of practice for teachers by Ivo Santos from ISEP and Using IPADs at school subjects by Maria Lucia Costa from IKAROS, were also praised by participants. We’re willing and adamant on improving the application of ICT not only at school subjects and also in many parts of our lives.”