CISTI 2014 - ICTWays workshop

Date: 2014-06-20, 12:00 to 14:00

Location: CISTI 2014, Barcelona, Spain


A CISTI2014 workshop where the network partners presented the ICTWays Network and some of their current work related with ICT in Science Classrooms. The presentations in the sessions of ICTWays Network were: • ICT in Science Classrooms (Short), by Ivo Santos, Paula Escudeiro, Carlos Vaz de Carvalho; • Applications and uses of technology in the classroom, by Manuel Pérez Cota, Luis Crespo Vilán; • The Use of Scratch for the Development of 21st Century Learning Skills in ICT, by Ana Pinto, Paula Escudeiro; • Electronics Games For Learning Maternal and Foreign Language, by Adelina Moura; • Improving science teaching and learning using ICT: Within the ICT ways for science classrooms, by Sonia Sobral; • Tweeting in an educational community, by Jorge Manuel Silveira Sampaio, Sonia Rolland Sobral. All the workshops were attended by many people who participated with very interesting communications. The final discussion involved many people asking important questions and making observations.

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