How to work with Smart Boards

Date: 2014-05-30, 09:00 to 17:00 Responsible: Renata Kondrataviciene / Mikas Balkevicius

Location: Vilniaus kolegija. Faculty of Pedagogics, Lithuania


On May 30 2014 in Vilniaus kolegija / Universaity of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Pedagogics there was implemented instruction on how to work with Smart Board. Instruction was implemented by "Biuro masinu kompanija" lecturer Andrius Manzurovas. Lecturers from VIKO faculty of Pedagogics were introduced to the structure, management system of the Smart board. Audience was amazed by introduced new opportunities that could be applied in educational process using Smart Board. Smart board could propose many interactive tools used in Math, physics, Literature, History and many more lessons. Lecturer demonstrated how interactive information could contribute to the development of children curiosity and creativity. Training promoted VIKO PDF lecturers ICT competences in using Smart Board in educational process.

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