VIKO Workshops

Date: 2014-04-10, 09:00 to 2014-06-17, 18:00

Location: VIKO


Vilniaus kolegija / University of Applied Sciences (VIKO) VIKO organized three workshops : 1. Workshop “The Best Practice of using ICT in Classrooms” Presentation of ICTWays April 10, 2014 "On April 10, 2014 in Vilniaus kolegija. Faculty of Pedagogics there was organized the third ICT WAYS workshop for teachers. During the workshops educational staff from different institutions shares their experience in active usage of IICT in educational process. Good experience of using ICT was shared by: Publish house “Baltos lankos” director dr. Saulius Žukas; Klaipeda “Taurakalnis” pro-gymnasium primary school teacher Raimonda Zaicienė, Kupiskis district “Noriunu Jono Cerniaus” basic school teacher-expert Ekaterina Vanagiene, Vilnius distr. Buivydiskes primary school teacher Jūratė Masiuliene, Vilnius distr. Nemezis st. Rapolas kalinauskas gymnasium specialists and teacher Ana Pavilovic-Jancis, director of HITECO. LTD Vilma Butkute, Vilniaus “Mikalojus Dauksos” secondary schools teachers - Lina Kairiukstiene and Renata Zukauskiene, Vilniaus kolegija Faculty of Pedagogics lecturer Nijole Inokaitiene, Vilnius “Sviesa” primary school teacher Renata Zakariene; Vice-dean of the faculty of Pedagogics Inga Bertasiene; VIKO lecturers Jolanta Sukoviene, Renata Kondrataviciene, Klaipeda “Vilte” basic schools teacher Kristina Stankute-Mate; Akmene gymnasium teacher Ana Stankute; Vilnius “Vyturys” primary school teacher Rasa Januskeviciene ir Ruta Norviliene, Rokiskis “Juzintai Otto Sirvydas” secondary school Vilma Kavaliauskiene’’ 2. How to work with Smart Board - May 30, 2014 On May 30, 2014 in Vilniaus kolegija / Universaity of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Pedagogics there was implemented instruction on how to work with Smart Board. Instruction was implemented by "Biuro masinu kompanija" lecturer Andrius Manzurovas. Lecturers from VIKO faculty of Pedagogics were introduced to the structure, management system of the Smart board. Audience was amazed by introduced new opportunities that could be applied in educational process using Smart Board. Smart board could propose many interactive tools used in Math, physics, Literature, History and many more lessons. Lecturer demonstrated how interactive information could contribute to the development of children curiosity and creativity. Training promoted VIKO PDF lecturers ICT competences in using Smart Board in educational process. 3. Nowadays education – integrated education using educational software VAIVORYSKSTE” - June 17, 2014 "On June 17, 2014 in Vilniaus kolegija was organized the fourth ICTWAYS Workshop for teachers “Nowadays education – integrated education using educational software VAIVORYSKSTE” More on this software could be found in the following link Director of publish house “Baltos lankos” - dr. Saulius Zukas represented exemplary topics that could be given to pupils in according integrated methods of education . VIKO ATF lecturer Renata Kondrataviciene represented how interactive board could be used in integrated lessons for pupils in the secondary school."

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